Privacy Policy

Casa Esther treats personal details carefully and ensures that the privacy of guests remains guaranteed.

  • We never share personal data with other parties without good reason.
  • We only use personal data for the purposes described below

We prefer to collect as little information as possible from our guests. 
Yet that is sometimes necessary, for example, to send your booking confirmation. 
In addition, within the framework of the tourist permit and associated regulations, we have a duty to report tourists to the local authority designated for that purpose. Of course they also apply the privacy policy.

Data required:

Name, address and place of residence: 
The name is saved because we prefer not to address the guests with a customer number. We need the address and place of residence, among other things, to process the booking request.

Date of birth: Casa Esther asks about the age of the main booker. Casa Esther wants to know to whom he / she is renting out because of an identity check. We rent to a main tenant with an age from 18 years. We also ask about the age of the other guests for our administration.

E-mail address: We keep an e-mail address of the tenant, so that we can send important messages about the booking request.

Phone number: We keep a telephone number, so that the tenant and Casa Esther can get in touch with each other regarding matters concerning the booking. If necessary, we can also contact the guest in the context of our customer service (key transfer, route description and any services / advice). 

Identity data: We ask for the details on your passport or ID card. We have a duty to provide information to the local authority in the context of tourism.

Lawfulness, discretion and transparency:

Casa Esther will discreetly handle the aforementioned personal data, protect it and not give it to third parties. The data is kept safe as long as the rental activities of Casa Esther take place and only on necessary administrative grounds. After the necessary retention period, this information will be deleted by Casa Esther 
If you have a question or complaint about the processing of your personal data, please contact us.

Privacy policy in the context of cooperating booking sites: 
Air BNB, Homeaway and Tripadvisor: 
For bookings made through Airbnb, Homeaway and or Tripadvisor, we would also like to refer you to the privacy policy on the website of these organizations.

Cookie policy

Casa Esther considers your privacy important. That is why we have a privacy policy and a Cookie policy.The website does not use cookies. 
Cookies are used on the cooperating booking sites. You can also adjust your cookie settings there yourself.

Terms and conditions of the Website

Casa Esther takes great care to ensure that the website and the information to be consulted function as optimally and error-free as possible. 
Unsolicited use of parts of the website is not permitted, subject to prior written permission from Casa Esther: 
This includes copying, storing, reproducing, reproducing and / or making public on other networks and collecting personal data.

Posting reviews : 
Casa Esther values ​​the opinion and experience of the guest. We are very open to positive but also constructive feedback. For that reason, guests who have made a booking have the option to post a review about the rented accommodation on the website. Reviews from the cooperating booking sites are included. We will ask guests to write a response.

Our guests are advised to only add photos, images, texts or videos that they have made themselves or with the permission of the other person. 
A review and a response to it must be completed truthfully and may not contain harmful words or be offensive in nature. 
Casa Esther reserves the right to remove reviews and comments at any time or to propose suggestions for changes if it sees fit.